Price Family Farms, LLC was established in 2000 A.D. by David and Lana Price in Lincoln County, Missouri, approximately 40 miles north of Saint Louis, Mo.  We specialize in the production of whole, half, and quarter sections of beef for the families of central and east central Missouri. 

Our beef is grown right, just the way nature intended, and because it is, our customers keep coming back for more.  Click on the ‘About Us’ to discover what sets us apart and what we believe will ultimately make our family the growers of your family’s beef.

We are now taking orders for our next beef harvest, which will take place on December 12th, 2019.  We have limited supplies, so we recommend that you place your order soon.

David & Lana Price


Finished on grass, supplemented with grain.  Locally homegrown & Hormone-free.  No fed antibiotics or steroids.  Pastured, free-range animals.  3 Annual Harvests, locally processed to your specifications! 

All-natural, artisinal beef crafted in the rolling, pastoral hills of east central Missouri.

149 Strack Farm Lane, Troy, MO    l    636.338.1418    l